Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reading List

I am on my holidays in Spain and catching up on a series of books I bought a while ago.

Douglas Coupland, when asked last year at a book reading in Guelph, who is main influencers were as writers he named Kurt Vonnegut. Here is a short review of what I have read so far:

Sirens of Titan:
This reads in cycles and random stories which includes a martian earth battle and Tramaldofian time travel. It is bazaar to say the least but a very clever and insightful perspective on humanity.

Slaughterhouse Five:
This is a satirical read on the fire bombing in Dresden at the end of the second world war. I found this book outstanding. He is able to deal with atrocity in a manner that brings insight without tears. It also includes a pseudo sex scene among two earthings in a tramadolfian zoo...I highly recommend it.

The others with me to read are:
Breakfast of Champions
Cat's Cradle
Man without a Country
Hocus Pocus

The best novel I have read while away is Douglas Coupland's JPOD. I found it engaging enough to not pupt down until finishing. His humour and intelligence is always impressive.

On the heavier side of reading I have been delving into "Small is beautiful" which has no reference to Tramadolfian sex but rather a widened economic framework for making change in this world.

Finding Our Way by Margaret Wheatley is another classic. I am half way through now because I read a few pages and then end up thinking and relfecting on life and work as a result. It is a book that with undoubtedly shape me.

Mark Dowds