Saturday, July 15, 2006

Glow in The Dark

God dreams. He sees things differently. His eyes burn with hope and anticipation. He stares into nothingness and pictures life and colour, beauty and magnificence. His presence breeds excitement and spontaneity, belonging, love, and purpose. He doesn't fear the darkness because he himself is the light of life itself. He doesn't worry about the chaos but steps into it as an opportunity to express his creativity. God is the overcomer, the victorious and glorious. He is different from all others and stands out in a crowd. He is holiness personified. God glows in the dark.

God's heart and nature is obvious when reading the first few verses in Genesis, the beginning of what we now call the Bible. God's presence changed the empty and formless earth into a place oozing with life and passion. God said, "Let there be light," and the sun and moon were born. The sun burst with the radiant fire of God and the flowers bloomed like an audience cheering in delight. Streams appeared, ripping up the desert, eager to bring sustenance to roam the earth. It was a zoo with no cages and a safari with no boundaries. But what was it that captured God's eye before he spoke any words? What was it that touched his emotions and stirred his spirit enough to move him into action?

I believe it was a glimpse of people whom he could love, enjoy and share himself with; people who would know him, love him and live with him; people who would choose to love one another and live to express the creativity that burned in side of them. I believe he saw men and women who enjoyed everything he created; men and women who filled the earth like the stars filled the sky; men and women would glow in the dark. It was nothing less that love and desire that moved God to create you and me in his image. Creation is a love story, a passionate dream coming true, unfolding everyday we are alive.

God lives in you. Glow in the dark.


At 6:24 PM, Anonymous renee said...

hi mark.
i love this, but the male/masculine pronouns for god really got to me after awhile. I think i zoned out on them by the end and lost some of the impact.

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